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Vaginal Rejuvenation Specialist

Ruslana Kadze, MD, MS, FACOG

OB/GYN & Medical Spa located in Tarzana, CA

Kegel exercises can only do so much to tighten the muscles of a vagina that’s endured childbirth, large partners, or any number of factors that may cause vaginal laxity. At her private practice and medical spa in Tarzana, California, OB/GYN Ruslana Kadze, MD, MS, FACOG, offers FemiLift™ non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. If you’re a woman in the Los Angeles area looking for fast and effective laser vaginal tightening, call or click online to book an appointment with Dr. Kadze today.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Q & A

What is FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation?

FemiLift by Alma Lasers is a quick and efficient way to tighten the muscles of your vagina without surgery. This procedure is minimally invasive, virtually painless, and requires no downtime for recovery.

FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation increases the tightness of the tissues surrounding your entire vaginal canal. In addition to more pleasurable sex for both you and your partner, this procedure may help with:

  • Reducing stress urinary incontinence in women
  • Resurfacing stretch marks and surgical scars on the vagina
  • Lightening darkened peri-vaginal skin

How does FemiLift work?

The FemiLift wand sends fractionated laser energy into the tissues of your vagina. First, the laser causes your tissues to contract and shrink. Then it stimulates your body to produce more collagen and elastin in this area.  

The contracted tissue creates a tighter vaginal canal, while the increase in healthy new cells has a regenerative effect on your vagina.

FemiLift may enhance sexual intercourse by improving pressure on your G-spot. It also tightens the tissue along the base of your bladder, which helps reduce accidental urinary loss.

Who is a good candidate for FemiLift laser vaginal tightening?

FemiLift improves sexual pleasure and reduces urinary incontinence due to mild to moderate vaginal looseness or laxity. If you’re a woman with extreme vaginal looseness, this treatment may not be right for you.

Good candidates for FemiLift include women who:

  • Haven’t had a child but feel their vagina is wide or loose
  • Have vaginal laxity after childbirth
  • Experience mild urinary incontinence
  • Have a modest amount of vaginal laxity and wish to avoid surgery
  • Experience vaginal dryness and tissue atrophy after menopause

What should I expect from a FemiLift treatment?

FemiLift is a fast, minimally invasive procedure that Dr. Kadze performs right in her office. The treatment itself takes only 15 minutes, but you should plan to spend a little more time before and after the procedure to prepare yourself and ask any questions.

Laser vaginal tightening with FemiLift is virtually painless and creates no unpleasant side effects so that you can go back to work or normal activities right after your appointment. You can resume sexual activity about 72 hours later.

Although you may notice improvements right away, most women benefit from two to three FemiLift treatments spaced two to three weeks apart. You may also need a “touch-up” treatment about one year later.

To discover how vaginal rejuvenation with non-surgical FemiLift laser treatments can help you, call the office of Ruslana Kadze, MD, MS, FACOG, or book an appointment online today.