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Hormone Replacement


Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy  

Dr. Kadze is a strong proponent of Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy. Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy or Bio-identical Hormones are hormones that are designed to have the same molecular structure as those made by your own body. These hormones are more readily accepted by your body, with fewer side effects, because they are more like what your body produces. These hormones have been shown to have great success in women suffering from hot flashes, decreased libido, and irritability due to menopause.

The great thing about Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy, is that, unlike typical HRT, these are customized to fit you, based on your body's chemistry and your needs. We work with local pharmacists who will create a therapy that is just for you. We will test your blood and saliva to determine your natural hormonal makeup and then create creams, lozenges, pills or patches to suit YOU!

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